Widening Participation

Ecuator is currently involved in a project entited “An Investigation into the value of Higher Education”. The abstract for this project is as follows:

Traditionally it is argued that widening access to higher education (HE) delivers positive benefits to individuals and society. The strength of this apparent consensus became especially evident in 1997, when the New Labour government fully endorsed the Dearing Report’s recommendations  to increase capacity and expand opportunities in HE. However, commentators (e.g. Gorard, 2013; Mountford-Zimdars et al., 2013) have now started to challenge the notion that this enthusiasm for providing more opportunities in HE exists across society. This project adds to the debate by assessing people attitudes over the value of higher education.

A presentation was created for University of Exeter and the Prezi can be accessed by clicking on the following image:

Screenshot 2016-09-01 15.44.39

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